Wander At Sea is a travel blog. A travel blog by someone who happens to work on cruise ships as a career.

What do I mean by this? My aim for this is to be a blog about travel: the ports we go to, adventures we have, the things we experience. Of course, the fact I spend nine to ten months of the year at sea has an effect on the stories I can tell, and the places I’ll talk about. This isn’t intended to be yet another “behind the scenes” blog (there’s enough of them around already, and most of them are not that interesting), but I know life on-board will appear sometimes: it is my life.

Who am I? You can call me Linda. It’s not my real name of course: I’m bit wary of using my own name – companies can be a bit funny when it comes to blogging. I don’t blog on any company’s behalf – everything you read here is my opinion and my opinion alone. As I said back in my original opening post: I’ve been on ships for several years and I hope to be here several more.


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