The Reboot

Is anyone still out there? Because I am still here.

We’re going on to three years now; who would believe it? It’s been a lot of stops and starts, and more of deciding what I want this site to be and where I’m going with it.

We have a new layout, more photograph based. At the moment a lot of the content has gone, but it will be coming back slowly as I refresh it.

I always wanted to not get too bogged down in port/destination guides; however that is going to be more of the focus now. There will also be some reviewing, which I had avoided for the most part previously, and some more focused looks at attractions or places to see.

I’ll still try to write about “adventures” but I know it’s still not something to quit my day job for šŸ™‚

Anyway, coming soon? An island or two from French Polynesia and a look at some places in the UK.


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