Who Am I?

The easiest way to start this seems to be with an introduction to myself and my world.

As it says on the tin – this is a travel blog. It’s the travel blog of a person who happens to work on a cruise ship. I’m not just starting out, I’ve been working on ships for a few years now – it’s a career rather than a “bit of fun” for a gap year. I’ve been more than one rank, done more than one role on the ship, and I’ve seen a lot.

But the point of this blog is to talk about travel. Yes, Cruise Ships take up a large role in my life, but I love travel for the sake of travel, and I spend the entire year doing it. I don’t go and sit “at home” when I’m off the ship – I’m off on other adventures.

What do I have to blog about? The ports and countries that we visit, places that I visit when I’m on vacation from ships, and perhaps occasionally life onboard. There’s plenty to keep you all entertained.

I guess I should also add at this point the required note that the views on this blog are my own and are are in no way represent the views of any companies that I may or may not mention, work for, use, etc.

See you all around!


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